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Gems Type
 All gems type(6952)
 Apatite Cats eye(13)
 Bi Color Tourmaline(44)
 Black Opal(5)
 Black Spinel(5)
 Black Star Sapphire(75)
 Blue Diamond(2)
 Blue Sapphire(249)
 Champagne Diamond(1)
 Color Change Garnet(470)
 Demantoid Garnet(309)
 Fire Opal(11)
 Green Sapphire(10)
 Indicolite Blue(1)
 Indicolite Blue Tourmaline(40)
 Lemon Quartz(1)
 Mandarin Garnet(746)
 Padparadscha Sapphire(26)
 Paraiba Tourmaline(27)
 Pink Diamond(5)
 Pink Sapphire(73)
 Pink Tourmaline(242)
 Pink Zircon(2)
 Rhodolite Garnet(8)
 Rose Quartz(3)
 Spessartite Garnet(163)
 Star Sunstone(10)
 Unheated Green Sapphire(16)
 Unheated Ruby(1148)
 Unheated sapphire(639)
 White Diamond(4)
 Yellow Diamond(1)
 Yellow Sapphire(65)
 Yellow Tourmaline(9)

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94.65 CT. Genuine Natural Lemon Quartz WITH GLC CERTIFY

s1222 : $99
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